10 Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs for High Rollers πŸš€

10 Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs for High Rollers πŸš€If you are a High Roller VIP Player looking for a trusted Bitcoin Casino you are in the right place. We will list the Top 10 Bitcoin Casino Sites where a High Roller player like you can get the best treatment and service you deserve with the help of Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs.

The importance of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day, and they are more and more integrated into our lives. Have the opportunity to double your money quickly with Bitcoin Casino games. You deserve a Las Vegas Casino style VIP treatment at crypto casinos and earn more with promotions! Today, all investors evaluate their possessions by converting them to cryptocurrencies, especially to Bitcoin.

Play Bitcoin Casino games and interact through the discord chat with other users in real-time. In the meantime, you can have privileges by playing in VIP status at Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs. You can earn more Cashback to earn more Loyalty Points by placing higher bets.

What are the Benefits of VIP Programs at Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin is accepted as a currency by many websites. In this way, it becomes possible to both have a good time and earn money by playing games. Playing Bitcoin Casino games with Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs has numerous benefits. These benefits are as listed below.

  1. πŸ’° Exclusively bonuses & rewards & special gifts: One of the best things about VIP programs are the exclusive bonuses and rewards offered. These bonuses can be given daily, weekly, monthly and different ways. Some Bitcoin Casino websites detect the games you play the most and give appropriate bonuses. At the same time, you will have special gifts according to your VIP level. Special events are also organized for VIP club members where you can earn more.
  2. πŸ’Έ Opportunity to deposit money without paying commission: There are many websites where casino games are played. However, these websites generally take a commission from money deposited in foreign currency, and this commission rate varies. Yet, if you deposit money into your account as Bitcoin, there is no commission deduction. For example, if you deposit 0.005 Bitcoin, your account will receive 0.0005 Bitcoin. Therefore, while playing Bitcoin Casino games with VIP programs, do not lose commission due to exchange rate differences. Moreover, when you become a member of the VIP club, you can take advantage of the opportunities to withdraw and deposit your money whenever you want.
  3. 🎲 Try new games first: If you become a VIP club member, some Bitcoin Casino sites will give you the opportunity to try the new games on the websites for the first time. Users have many options for playing Bitcoin Casino games. These games are not available on standard casino websites and are only played with cryptocurrencies. Created to be generally fun, these games are not complicated and can be played by almost anyone. You can find your favorite game and discover the most profitable Bitcoin Casino games.
  4. πŸ”“ Trustworthiness of playing Bitcoin Casino games: There is no one who has a serious problem while playing Bitcoin Casino games at VIP programs. These websites adopt the principle of transparency and share their license information. In this way, users can directly learn which site is reliable or illegal. Reliable Bitcoin Casino VIP programs are shared with you below. You can find Provably Fair games on almost everyone of the listed casinos.
  5. πŸš€ Invest Bitcoin while playing casino games: Some Bitcoin Casino sites at VIP programs allow you not only to multiply your money, but also to invest in the world of cryptocurrency. Keeping your money in Bitcoin instead of in foreign currency makes it possible for you to take advantage of every increase that occurs in the cryptocurrency world.

Top 10 Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs

Here is the Top 10 Bitcoin Casino Programs that any High Roller player should join. We are listing only trusted Bitcoin Casinos with a dedicated VIP Programs and special perks for High Rollers. All the listed Bitcoin Casinos are licensed in Curacao and trusted by thousands of crypto gamblers.

1- Stake.com VIP Club

Stake VIP ClubStake.com is the biggest crypto gambling site and that rightfully attracts many High Rollers and VIP Players including hip-hop star Drake. Stake’s Bitcoin Casino VIP program is specially designed for you to earn rewards and cumulative bonuses for every dollar you wager. The main benefits that you will get as a VIP player are:

  • Dedicated VIP Host: You will have a dedicated VIP Host taking care of any problems you might have or questions you may ask. The availability may change according to your time zone and eligibility is subject to your recent activity.
  • Highest Return to Player: All the bets you will play will be rewarded and will get back to you as a cash bonus. You can instantly withdraw your rewards or play how you like.
  • Exclusive & Flexible Bonuses: Stake.com understands that the requirements of VIP High Roller players might be different and offers the VIP bonuses accordingly. You can get your rewards in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum or even iPhone.

You can only become a Stake.com VIP Player by invitation. Every bet you make and every game you play on the site will earn you an invite. You will be alerted you when you have reached the required level and can join the Stake.com VIP Club!

πŸ‘Click here to visit Bitcasino.io!

2- BC.Game VIP Club

BC Game VIP ClubBC.Game (Hash.game) VIP club is one of the most prestigious Bitcoin Casino sites. It has the ideal environment for high rollers. The advantages BC.Game provides are basically as listed below.

  • Unique Vip Transfer Program: Every VIP member is honored by this unique program. Being an Exclusive VIP member allows you to earn more.
  • Free Coins Every Day: You get free coins and bonuses every day when you get VIP status.
  • Secret Treasure: Being a VIP member also has some unexpected benefits. As your rank level increases in Bc.Game, what you will gain from secret treasures also changes and diversifies.
  • Instant deposits & withdrawals: BC. Game VIP offers club members instant deposit and withdrawal opportunities. In this way, the money you earn by playing is transferred to your account without having to wait.
  • Roll Competition: VIP level 3 members will have the opportunity to win one of 10 big prizes by spinning every day as part of the roll competition.
  • Rain: Members who reach VIP level 4 will receive this bonus every 6 hours. Rain chooses 6 people with the algorithm he uses from users who are online in the chat and gives them crypto money in different units.
  • Coco: To meet Coco, you need to reach VIP level 14. Coco, BC.Game’s mascot, comes every 6 hours and stays for only 10 minutes. Members receive rewards when they click on Coco, which they can see randomly on the page. The reward they receive is from the list of at least 0.005 BCH.

Members are playing on BC.Game earn XP. XP earned for a $1 bet is 1. To reach the VIP level, you must bet enough and accumulate XP. Then BC.Game sends you an invitation to become a VIP.

πŸ‘Click here to visit BC.Game!

3- Winz VIP Club When Lambo

Winz VIP Club When LamboEnjoy the privileges of being a VIP with the respected Bitcoin Casino site Winz.io. They have a wide range of games as well as many advantages.

  • Tailored bonuses & promotions: One of the best things about being a VIP is undoubtedly having bonuses and promotions. Get bonus coins every day with Winz VIP Club.
  • Quick cashouts: Get coins in your account whenever you want with this privilege.
  • High bet limits: Casino sites set some daily limits for their users. These limits may be in amounts to be played, deposited, or withdrawn. When you become a VIP club member in Winz, all limits are removed.
  • Special gifts: Winz VIP club members can benefit from special gifts that are given regularly. Although the amount and form of the gifts given vary, the profit to be obtained is always high.
  • Personal casino managers: Personal casino managers will increase the efficiency you will get while playing Bitcoin Casino. Managers allow you to earn more by making the right referrals.
  • VIP events: Thanks to this privilege, you can earn much more in events where only VIP members can participate. All you have to do is participate in the events.

If you want to become a VIP club member in Winz, play Bitcoin Casino games. After playing enough amounts of bets, Winz will invite you to become a VIP. Then users can become a member by accepting this invitation.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Winz.io!

4- Betfury.io VIP Rank System

Betfury.io VIP Rank SystemBetFury.io has special promotions, exclusive bonus offers, and a VIP rank system where you can enjoy many benefits. What you can do with this includes, but is not limited to.

  • Increase Cashback: In BetFury, win in every way you play according to your VIP rank Cashback payout ranges from 2 percent to 25 percent. As your VIP rank increases, the amount you receive will also increase.
  • Rewards & Coins: At the same time, you have the opportunity to win different prizes depending on your VIP rank. You earn extra coins daily or weekly.
  • Instant Transactions: Thanks to the VIP rank system, you have the freedom to make transactions whenever you want. You can make unlimited transactions for 24 hours.
  • Levels & Rewards: After being included in the VIP rank system in Betfury, with each bet you play, both your level will increase and the rewards you will receive will increase. These rewards include different types and amounts of cryptocurrencies.
  • Increased Cashback: With the cashback, you can get back up to 25% of the amount you deposited.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Exclusive promotions depend on the VIP rank you have. The higher your rank, the higher the amount you will receive.
  • VIP CLUB: In addition to the bonuses available to all members when you become a member of the VIP club, you can also enjoy many different types of bonuses.

If you want to take advantage of Betfury VIP privileges, all you have to do is to bet on the platform regularly. When your deposit reaches a sufficient level, you will receive an invitation to the VIP club. Then all you have to do is accept this invitation!

πŸ‘Click here to visit Betfury.io!

5- Fortunejack VIP Journey with 45% Cashback

Fortunejack VIP Journey with 45% CashbackWith Fortunejack.com, what you can do as a VIP player is almost limitless. Having a good time and making money in live casinos has never been this fun. Here are some of the privileges you will have:

  • High Cashback: Get high cashback with Fortunejack. It is one of the highest cashback among Bitcoin Casino sites. The fact that VIP users have 45 percent cashback means that when you deposit 0.1 bitcoin to your account, you will receive 0.045 cashback.
  • Massive Bonus Privilege: The bonuses you will get as a VIP player with Fortunejack are literally ‘massive’. Get both Bitcoin and free spins with bonus opportunities exceeding 100%.
  • 15% VIP Monthly Cashback: Once you become a VIP member, you have the chance to receive 15 percent of the amount you deposited in Fortunejack monthly as cashback.

Sign up to take advantage of Fortunejack’s attractive cashback deals and start playing casino games immediately. You must first activate the 25 percent Prestige Insurance Bonus to become a VIP member. Then you will start getting VIP treatment and it will become official.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Fortunejack!

6- Sportsbet.io VIP Club

Sportsbet.io VIP ClubBeing a member of the VIP club at Sportsbet.io means not only making money but also saving time! Enjoy Bitcoin Casino games with Sportsbet VIP club privileges. Here are the key advantages of VIP members that you will have:

  • Fast Payments: With Fast payments, you can easily invest money and have the privilege of withdrawing any money you want. Playing Bitcoin Casino games has never been faster.
  • Great Promotions: If you are a member of the VIP club, you can enjoy great promotions. With the bonuses you earn periodically, you always win at Sportsbet.
  • Advanced Dashboard: Play Bitcoin Casino games effectively with the advanced dashboard. The easy interface makes it easy even for first-time casino players.
  • Personalized Manager: Personalized manager will advise you on how to earn more and guide you according to your needs.
  • Access to Tournaments: Sportsbet VIP members can participate in the tournaments they want. Tournaments allow you to earn money while having a good time.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: As the name suggests, you get the bonus without having to deposit any money into your account. For this reason, it is also known as a free bonus among users. Sportsbet VIP members get bonuses without spending any money.

The only way to join the Sportsbet VIP club is to receive an invitation. Play regularly to receive an invitation and Sportsbet will notify you when you reach the ball level.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Sportsbet.io!

7- Roobet VIP Rewards

Roobet VIP RewardsGet ready to receive privileged treatment with Roobet.com VIP program rewards. Exclusive bonuses, special promotions and gifts are just some of what you will get.

  • Personal Account Manager: As a VIP member you have a personal account manager who will answer your questions and assist you in any situation. In this way, you will enjoy the privileged service. You will receive priority responses.
  • Gifts & Special Promotions: Earn as you spend at Roobet. VIP members constantly receive special promotions based on their spending amount. They also benefit from high bonuses and surprise gifts.
  • Hospitality & Events: Be sure that you will be satisfied with Roobet hospitality since it is advanced. Extra events are organized for VIP members, increasing the chances of winning.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Roobet supports its members to win at all times, and VIP members continue to benefit from the privileges as they play with exclusive bonuses.
  • High Casino Return: High casino return depends on which machine the game is played with. However, for VIP members, the return amounts are extremely high and satisfying.
  • No withdrawal limits: You have no limit to withdraw the money you earn on Roobet. In addition, VIP members with e-wallets can withdraw money more easily.

The only way to get Roobet VIP rewards is to receive an invite. Players who want to be invited should visit the website regularly and place wagers on games – it doesn’t matter what game they are playing.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Roobet!

8- Bitcasino VIP Club

Bitcasino VIP ClubWin huge amounts of gifts every month with Bitcasino. Bitcasino, one of the best, has many game options. Some of the privileges offered to you as a VIP club member are listed below.

  • VIP Club Gifts: At Bitcasino, you can win gifts of up to €2 million every month. Bitcasino always aims to show that it is the best in Bitcoin Casino games and will surprise you with its gifts.
  • Personal Manager: At Bitcasino you have a personal manager who will take special care of you. In this way, you will learn the updates first and have someone to consult about the situations you live in.
  • Invitations to prestigious events: Would you like to travel the world as a VIP? With Sportsbet this is possible. Take a pleasant cruise on the ocean with luxury yachts or stay in 5-star hotels. Currently, the event is about watching the UEFA Euro 2021 quarter-final match.
  • Unique offers and promotions: Earn more by spending less with promotions and cashback offers. Moreover, with the prizes and free spins you receive, the amount in your wallet will increase day by day. The average award amount is €2,000,000.
  • VIP Manager: Getting extra attention will be good for both you and your wallet. Discover ways to earn more on the games you play with personalized service.

Bitcasino VIP club is exceptional; therefore you should first create a membership on the website and then reach the target amount by playing online casino games. Afterward, Bitcasino will contact you and offer you a VIP club membership.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Bitcasino!

9- Jacks Club VIP

Jacks Club VIPAre you ready to earn amazing rewards with Jacksclub? With the constantly updated VIP club privileges, what you will have is almost unlimited. Here are some of the privileges you will have:

  • Exclusive Bonuses: Earn both daily and periodically with exclusive rewards and bonuses. Being very sensitive about fair games, JacksClub offers real money rewards to its VIP club members.
  • Instant Deposits & Withdrawals: To play Bitcoin Casino games instantly, deposit money into your account and withdraw your winnings instantly.
  • Personal Account Manager: Managers will provide you with consultancy services. In this way, you will reach your investment goal in a shorter time.
  • Gifts & Rewards: Jacks Club always aims to make its VIP members satisfied. Therefore, Jacks Club offers them special rewards, advanced promotions and advantageous bonuses. All you have to do is enjoy these privileges.
  • More is on the way! Jacks Club wants to develop itself as a new casino. That’s why Jacks Club is working on much more than what it offers for VIP members.

Register today to join the Jacks VIP Club. Start playing Bitcoin Casino games and get one step closer to becoming a VIP club member as you spend with this Bitcoin Casino VIP program.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Jacks Club!

10- BitStarz VIP Starz Club

BitStarz VIP Starz ClubThe VIP benefits you have on Bitstarz.com are extraordinary. In addition to bonuses and rewards, you have the opportunity to try new games for the first time.

  • Custom Bonuses: Once you become a VIP Starz Club member, you have your own VIP manager. This manager offers you high bonuses suitable for the games you play.
  • Weekly Cashback: A significant portion of the money you deposit into your account is returned to you weekly. The more you spend, the more money you have with weekly cashback.
  • Faster Withdrawals: You do not have to wait to withdraw your earned money. You can quickly withdraw the money in your account 24/7 whenever you want.
  • Better Bonuses: BitStarz VIP members have the privilege of earning higher amount of bonus. Moreover, there are no restrictions on weekly cashbacks. Much more than the rewards and bonuses you earn as an extra will be waiting for you.
  • Dedicated VIP Manager: You have the opportunity to reach VIP managers with more than 10 years of experience, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can consult your managers on any subject you want, and they will also assist you in having more gifts & bonuses.
  • Unrestricted Fast Cash outs: As you win in Bitcoin Casino games, you may want to withdraw the money from your account immediately. VIP members have priority in cash out and can do the transaction whenever they want. In this way, the money in the BitStarz account of VIP members is instantly transferred to your wallet.
  • Customized Bonus Plan: Get some of your money back based on the games you play with personalized cashback privilege. Your managers also play a role in determining the best bonus plan.
  • Be First to Try New Games: New and updated games on BitStarz are first available to VIP members. In this way, VIP members can benefit from the privileges of winning by playing the game before anyone else.

BitStarz has been serving its users since 2014. Being able to play with money in BitStarz slots without the need for account verification is one of its most prominent features. However, to become a member of the VIP Starz club on BitStarz, you have to play like a highroller and wait for the invitation.

πŸ‘Click here to visit Bitstarz!

How can you Join a Bitcoin Casino VIP Program?

In general, the terms of all platforms are similar to participate in the Bitcoin Casino VIP PBitcoin Casino VIP programrogram. First of all, you need to get an invitation to become a VIP member. To receive this invitation, you must regularly be online on the platform and, more importantly, play big amount of bets.

The amount required to become a VIP on Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs varies. The authorities will send VIP club invitations to the players when they reach this amount. Players then merely have to accept this invitation.

On top-tier sites like Stake.com, BC.Game, Betfury.io and Winz, users may need to play longer for higher amounts to become a VIP member. On the other hand, the VIP club invitation comes much faster on relatively new Bitcoin Casino websites such as Jacks Club and Roobet. Remember that every Bitcoin Casino VIP Program is unique so you can try a few in order to find which one suits you the best.

Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs FAQ

Do all Bitcoin Casinos have a VIP Program?

Unfortunately, not all Bitcoin Casinos have VIP programs. Some may have different features, e.g. loyalty programs. Therefore, you should check the sites that serve as reliable and have a VIP program.

How can I be considered as a High Roller VIP Player at Bitcoin Casinos?

To become a high roller VIP player at Bitcoin Casinos, you have to play big. Generally, it is necessary to spend at least $100,000 to become a high roller. This may differentiate according to the size of the crypto casino.

How are VIP Programs different than Loyalty Programs at Bitcoin Casinos?

In VIP programs, there are more promotions & bonus-like rewards as well as exclusive treatment such as a dedicated VIP host. It is easier to join Loyalty programs. In order to benefit from VIP privileges, an invitation is required.

What are the Advantages of Becoming a VIP Player at Bitcoin Casinos?

Being a VIP player at Bitcoin Casinos has numerous advantages. Firstly, VIP players can deposit money into their accounts without paying commissions and benefit from the wide game portfolio. In addition, VIP players benefit from advanced bonus and promotion features. It is also an important advantage that Bitcoin Casino websites are reliable and allow investments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Which is the Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Program for High Rollers?

There are multiple profitable Bitcoin Casino VIP programs. Stake.com stands out as the best with the advantages it provides. Besides, BC. Game VIP club, Winz VIP Club When Lambo and Betfury.io VIP Rank System are also extremely attractive for big players.

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