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Tether Betting SitesTether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency with tokens always valued at $1.00 and issued by Tether Limited and it is the mean of exchange at Tether Betting Sites. Its value is always set at $1.00 and that is why Tether is called a ‘stablecoin’. The most area of use for USDT is to be able to exchange crypto currency with a stable coin valued at $1.00 without using the fiat currency of USD. Tether is now used at betting sites and we will take a look at Tether Betting Sites.

Sports bettors are passionate about the margins they will get and using a stablecoin at their stakes give them an advantage. Using Tether is a great way of betting with cryptocurrencies and still making sure that the value of the stake is stable. Tether Betting Sites will provide you exactly that.

Best Tether Betting Sites

  1. Sportsbet.io: Sportsbet.io is the biggest crypto betting site and they allow deposits and withdrawals with Tether. You can use USDT for your deposits, all your bets and than withdraw your money in USDT without the need to convert it into Bitcoin or any fiat money. If you would like to stay in the crypto world all through your betting experience and use a stablecoin with the value of USD, Sportsbet.io is your place.
  2. Bitsler:Β Bitsler offers the option to bet with 23 cryptocurrencies and USD Tether is one of them. You can deposit and withdraw in Tether. You can also take your bets with USDT. Your Bitsler account comes with a balance in every one of the 23 cryptos and you can choose to use your Tether balance at your bets. Bitsler is a crypto only sports betting site with a Curacao license and your USDTs will be in safe hands while you bet.
  3. Thunderpick: This one of the best USD Tether Betting Sites you can find. They have started their journey as an eSports Betting site. Now they have added sports betting and Provably Fair casino games to their offering and became one of the best options to take bets with Tether. Licensed in Curacao, Thunderpick knows all about what a crypto bettor wants and creates a safe environment.

Top 4 Tether Betting Sites

5.0 rating
Crashino is the stronghold of Crash and Provably Fair games!
5.0 rating
BC.Game is a Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice and Casino site with Sportsbook
4.8 rating
Wolf.bet is a crypto Dice, Limbo and Hilo site with promotions.
4.8 rating
Sportsbet.io is World's leading and #1 Bitcoin sports betting site.

5 Advantages of Tether Betting Sites

  • Anonymity: With the advantage of using a cryptocurrency, you will get the chance to remain anonymous all through your betting experience. Tether Betting Sites will provide you the option to register only with your email and will not request personal information. Your name, surname, address and phone number information can stay with you unless you want to submit them in order to add extra security to your account.
  • License: Tether Betting Sites are licensed in Curacao. Curacao is the most respectable jurisdiction outside Europe to provide iGaming licenses. They also provide their licenses to the listed Tether Betting Sites. This way you will be sure about the safety of your funds and still be able to use a crypto currency that will mask any financial activity you want. The licenses are provided by Curacao eGaming Authority.
  • Stability: The value of USD Tether is always set to $1.00. The only major crypto currency to provide a stable value is Tether and if you would like to be sure of the fiat equivalent of your crypto portfolio while you bet, Tether Betting Sites is the way to go. By using USDT at your sports betting you will be able to use crypto money at your bets and still be sure about the stability of their value in fiat terms.
  • Easy Payments: The Tether payments are usually handled within 5 minutes. This way you will be able to fund your Tether Betting Site account and withdraw your winnings in around 5 minutes. Tether USD with ERC20 confirmations takes only 5 minutes and Tether Betting Sites use this option for their transfers. This low fee and fast Tether transfers will be key when you fund your Tether Betting account.
  • Freedom: Online sports betting legislations change almost in every country. And the legislations change all the time. It may be hard to keep track of them and using fiat currencies to fund your sports betting means that your transactions will be monitored. Tether Betting Sites gives you the edge to use a crypto money and transfer it wherever you want and engage in licensed sports betting as soon as you are over 18.

Tether Betting Sites FAQ

What is Tether in a nutshell?

Tether is a stablecoin because which designed to always be worth $1.00. The Tether coins are called USDT and they are issued by the Tether Treasury. Each Tether token is backed by one United States dollar or a loan issued to an affiliate company of Tether. There has been some controversies about this backing but Tether proved itself to be a respectable company with a high market cap.

How can I bet with Tether?

What you have to do first is to buy USDT with USD or any other fiat currency you use. If you use USD you will get the same amount of USDT as Tether is always valued at $1.00. After that, you have to pick a Tether Betting Site and transfer your funds there. You will find the details on how to transfer at your betting site's Deposit page. After the Deposit, you will be able to use them in betting in 5 minutes.

Can I use USDT as my betting stake currency?

Yes you can! Both Sportsbet.io and Bitsler allows you to choose Tether as your account currency. Actually your Bitlser account comes in 23 crypto currencies which includes Tether. At Sportsbet.io you have to choose USDT during registration. At these two Tether Betting Sites, you can use USDT as your betting stake currency.

Can I withdraw my sports betting winnings in Tether?

Yes, you can withdraw your sports betting winning sin Tether. If you are using a Tether Betting Site account with USDT currency, you can process your winnings in USDT. All you have to do is to navigate to the Withdraw page after you collect your winnings and enter your USDT account details. The withdrawal will be processed within 5 minutes.

Is it legal to bet with Tether?

The good thing about a crypto currency means that you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it. As long as you are over 18, most Tether Betting Sites will allow you to register an account and take bets in Tether. With using USDT as a crypto money your activities will lie outside the traditional financial system.

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