Provably Fair Casino Sites

Provably Fair Casino SitesGambling with Bitcoin was initially designed to be Provably Fair and many Provably Fair Casino Sites has been founded ever since. The Provably Fair casino site means that the outcomes of the casino games can be checked using a Provably Fair algorithm. Every player can use the Server Seed, Client Seed and Hash generated by every casino play in order to check the randomness and fairness of the casino sites. Provably Fair Casino Sites may not always offer the best casino design and game variety but they sure offer fair casino games.

All the listed Provably Fair Casino Sites allow you to select BTC as your account currency. Using BTC as account currency will enable you to deposit, play casino games and withdraw all in BTC without the need of converting into fiat currency and losing any commissions. All the Provably Fair Casino Sites except BC.Game is licensed in Curacao.

Best Provably Fair Casino Sites

  1. 🦊 Betfury: The guys behind Betfury Casino is dedicated to offer Provably Fair casino games to Bitcoin bettors. They have 10 Provably Fair casino games and they come up with a new one every month or so. The best thing about their casino games is they are the only ones to offer it with a Jackpot prize. The Jackpot prizes can be as much as 5 BTC in total and they will wait for the next lucky gambler.
  2. πŸ‘ is another Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook operator which is dedicated to develop in-house Provably Fair casino games. They have as many as 16 Provably Fair casino games and they are developing more games in house. When you get a you will enjoy a great Sportsbook, Live Casino and Provably Fair Casino games all in a single platform. They have fantastic daily bonuses too.
  3. πŸ‘Œ Bitsler: Bitsler is one of the leading Provably Fair Casino Sites. They both offer Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino just like Their main difference is they do not offer any Live Casino games and only stick to in-house built Provably fair games. Bitsler has more than 10 Provably Fair casino games including many in-house built fun slot machines to try. They also have Dice, Keno, Limbo and Plinko.
  4. 🐺 only offers 3 Provably Fair casino games but they do it well. They only have Bitcoin Dice, Limbo and Hilo at their game offering but they do have many daily promotions to choose from. Just by logging into your account everyday and completing simple tasks, you can get Free Plays. They also have a free crypto money give away every 20 minutes which encourages you to stay logged in at
  5. 🎲 Crypto.Games: Crypto.Games might be one of the oldest crypto gambling sites with Provably Fair games. They have started their life as a Dogecoin-only gambling site and turned into one of the most well known Provably Fair Casino Sites. They only offer 8 in-house built casino games and all of the games are Provably Fair. The games usually has 1-2% House Edge and offered with daily bonuses.

Top 12 Provably Fair Casino Sites

5.0 rating
BC.Game is a Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice and Casino site with Sportsbook
4.8 rating is a Bitcoin casino with 3 BTC bonus.
4.8 rating is a popular casino with Provably Fair games!
4.8 rating
Duelbits is a comprehensive crypto casino and sports betting platform.
4.5 rating is a crypto Dice, Limbo and Hilo site with promotions.
4.5 rating
Crypto.Games is a Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino site.
4.5 rating
BitKong offers a fun and Provably Fair game with Free Faucet.
4.5 rating
Betfury is a next-gen Bitcoin Casino with in-house games!
4.5 rating offers Provably Fair games with a seamless crypto gaming experience.
4.3 rating
Roobet is a new Bitcoin Casino with a tailored Rewards System.
4.3 rating is a Provably Fair casino with in-house games.
4.3 rating is a Provably Fair casino site with Free Faucet!

5 Advantages of Provably Fair Casino Sites

  • 🎰 Fair Games: It all started with the Bitcoin Dice sites where you could gamble on the outcome of dice rolls. The Bitcoin community adopted the concept of Provably Fair gaming to all their casino sites and games. Thanks to this we can now enjoy many casino games with in-house built Provably Fair games where we are able to check the fairness of every single game whether it is a dice roll or a card flip.
  • πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ Anonymity: Bitcoin community is very conscious about the value of their privacy and this has extended to the Provably Fair Casino Sites as well. Almost at every Provably Fair Casino Site, you will be fine just by entering your email address and choosing a password. You do not need to give away your personal information like name, surname, address and phone number like you have to in traditional online casinos.
  • πŸ—½ Freedom: By using Bitcoin and crypto money at Provably Fair Casino Sites, you will find yourself outside the centralized financial world. The name crypto means privacy and you will have the freedom to do what you want with your crypto portfolio. If that is having fun at Provably Fair Casino Sites than you do not have to worry about any local legislation as they are only designed for fiat money players.
  • πŸ“± Mobile Friendly:Β As most of our online activity switched to mobile phones, the Provably Fair Casino Sites have adjusted their design to mobile-first. With the development of many new Provably Fair Casino Sites like Betfury,, Bitsler and, you can enjoy all the casino plays with your mobile. Some of the old sites like Crypto.Games might struggle with mobile views so we would advise you to stick to the new casinos.
  • πŸ’° No Commissions: One of the biggest advantages of using crypto as your medium is to have fast and easy payments without high banking fees.Β  This also applies to Provably Fair Casino Sites where you will not be charged anything for your deposit and withdrawal amounts. If you send 0.1 BTC you will have exactly 0.1 BTC credited to your casino account (plus the deposit bonuses you can claim). If you withdraw 0.1 BTC, you will get exactly 0.1 BTC to your Bitcoin wallet.

Provably Fair Casino Sites FAQ

What is Provably Fair in a nutshell?

Provably Fair is a technology which allows the gambler to verify the fairness of every play. In a Provably Fair gambling system the player has the chance to check every play using Server Seed, Client Seed and Hash. You can enter these details to the Provably Fair tool of the Bitcoin Casino site and verify the randomness thus fairness of the payout outcome you got. In a simplified way, players can always check that the outcome of every game round is fair and wasn't tampered with. As such, cheating is arguably impossible.

How can I play Provably Fair casino games? is listing all the reliable Provably Fair casino sites offering Provably Fair casino games. All you have to do is to browse through our tables and reviews and choose the Provably Fair casino site you want to use. After that, complete the easy registration and make your first deposit with crypto money. After the deposit, you are ready to go and play the Provably Fair casino games with crypto money.

Are the Provably Fair casino sites certified?

There are 2 independent authorities certifying the Provably Fair casino sites. Those are the Crypto Gambling Foundation and iTech Labs. The Crypto Gambling Foundation is testing the casino sites and verifying that the games are Provably Fair. Than they list them on their website and allow the casino site to use their badge. iTech Labs also work with a similar manner and provides pdf certificates to casino sites.

How can I verify a Provably Fair casino game?

You have to use a Provably Fair verifier tool in order to verify a Provably Fair casino game. You have to use the Server Seed, Client Seed and Hash generated by every casino play in order to check the randomness and fairness of the casino sites. Those information is visible on a seperate tab on every casino play on the Provably Fair casino sites. They might differ in terms on how they provide this information but they all do and all you have to do is to be sure where to get your Server Seed, Client Seed and Hash in order to verify a Provably Fair casino game.

What is the difference between Live Casinos and Provably Fair Casinos?

Live Casinos are now a thing of the past where a Live Dealer is dealing the cards at a classical casino game like blackjack or baccarat. Live Casinos also offer live roulette where a dealer rolls the wheel and triggers the outcome. Provably Fair Casinos on the other hand work only digitally and provide solid information on who all the outcomes are random and fair. They provide Server Seed, Client Seed and Hash information on every game which allows the players to verify the randomness of each play.

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