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Tether Casino SitesTether is the crypto version of USD and it is the mean of exchange at Tether Casino Sites. With the short ticker symbol of USDT, all the Tether coins equal to $1.00 all the time. This is mainly to allow crypto money holders to stay in the crypto universe even when they want the stability of USD value. The Tether coins of USDT’s are issed by Tether Treasury and backed by United States Dollars or loans to their affiliate companies. You can now use USD Tether at Tether Casino Sites.

Most of the casino players like to gamble with their money but not with the value of their stakes. As the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin changes all the time, some crypto casino players wants stability. Tether Casino Sites gives the casino players the stability they want at the USD value of their initial deposits and final withdrawals.

Best Tether Casino Sites

  1. Bitcasino.io:Β Bitcasino is the best crypto casino site and they allow gamblers to use Tether as their account currency. You can also take your casino bets in USDT and use Tether at your casino plays. Bitcasino is backed by the well known casino software company Coin Gaming and they provide a top level casino experience. Luckily, Tether is one of the crypto currencies they have at their site.
  2. BitStarz:Β USD Tether is one of the cryptocurrencies that are allowed at BitStarz. Even though BitStarz is mainly about playing casino games with Bitcoin, you can use Tether at your deposits, casino plays and withdrawals. Do not forget to claim your 20 Free Spins after you register your account and just before your first Tether deposit. With your first deposit you can get up to 1 BTC bonus or its equivalent in USDT.
  3. Bitcoincasino.io: This is the most fun casino in terms of design. Bitcoincasino.io has this fantastic gamification features at their site and you must see it if you are a fan. Luckily they use Tether as one of their 5 crypto money options at their site. Bitcoincasino.io also offers 9.000 USDT bonus on your first deposit with a 100% rate. You can get additional 9.000 USDT bonuses at your 2nd and 3rd deposits and add it up to 27.000 USDT.
  4. Betfury:Β This next generation Bitcoin Casino Site provides Tether as one of their account currency options. You can deposit, play casino games and withdraw your winnings all in USDT at Betfury Casino. They both offer in-house casino games or well known casino games from top providers. You can get the daily promotions and bonuses in USDT as well. Just remember tyo use your Tether balance while you bet.
  5. Oshi: Oshi.io is a Bitcoin Casino site which mostly targets gambler from Japan. They do offer Tether as one of their account currency options and you can use Tether all through your gambling experience. Their first deposit bonus is 300 Euro but you can also get it in USDT. You will also get 250 Free Spins with your first deposit and have the chance to try their most popular slot games.

Top 4 Tether Casino Sites

5.0 rating
Crashino is the stronghold of Crash and Provably Fair games!
4.8 rating
Solcasino is a licensed casino built on the Solana blockchain.
4.8 rating
Rollino is a crypto and VPN-friendly casino and sports betting platform.
4.8 rating
Metaspins is a crypto casino with 60% rakeback.

5 Advantages of Tether Casino Sites

  • Anonymity: Using Tether instead of traditional USD means that you are still using a crypto money and staying in the crypto universe. This means you are away from the financial instutions while you use USDT at Tether Casino Sites. They will not ask for your name, surname, address and phone number as they don’t need to. You will be able to register just with your email and remain anonymous while you gamble with USDT.
  • Freedom: Crypto money is all about freedom and Tether Casino Sites provide you exactly that. By just buying USDT from a respectable exchange like Binance or Bitfinex, you will have your fiat money converted into crypto money. If you use United State Dollars, this will happen in 1 to 1 rate. Than you will have to transfer your Tether into wherever you want unless you are over 18. And those transfer are free and can be done to Tether Casino Sites.
  • Stability: Using a stablecoin like Tether at your gambling activities means that you can be sure about how much you deposited and how much you have in your account balance all the time. As most of us are familiar with the value of USD rather than the ever changing BTC or any other crypto currency, we like to think in USD. If you are a crypto gambler and still would like value stability at your portfolio, use Tether.
  • No Commissions: Tether transactions are mostly done in very low commissions. Your transactions will be done in 5 minutes and you will pay very low commissions for your transactions compared to Bitcoin. This is mainly due to Tether being a rather new technology compared to Bitcoin. Also as it is always valued at $1.00, you will not be risking any value loss during the time you hold USDT.
  • Provably Fair Games: Provably Fair games are only available to crypto money casino sites. If you would like to use crypto money at your gambling and still use a stable value currency, Tether Casino Sites is the right place for you. All the in-house games at the listed casino sites are Provably Fair, where you can be sure about the randomness of the results and the fairness of the games you play.

Tether Casino Sites FAQ

What is Tether in a nutshell?

Tether is a stablecoin because which designed to always be worth $1.00. The Tether coins are called USDT and they are issued by the Tether Treasury. Each Tether token is backed by one United States dollar or a loan issued to an affiliate company of Tether. There has been some controversies about this backing but Tether proved itself to be a respectable company with a high market cap.

How can I play casino games with Tether?

You can play casino games with USDT at Tether Casino Sites. We only list Curacao licensed Tether Casino Sites where you can freely play casino with USDT. Just pick a casino and register your account. You will be able to transfer your Tether's by following the instructions at the Deposit page and your USDT Casino balance will be ready in 5 minutes to play.

Can I play casino games with USDT as a currency?

Sure, you can play casino games with USDT. All the casino sites that we list allow players to choose Tether as their account currency. This way you will be able to deposit, play casino games and withdraw your winnings all in USDT and do not lose any commissions because of conversions.

Can I withdraw my casino winnings is Tether?

Yes, you can withdraw your casino winnings in Tether. Given that you have chosen USDT as your account currency while you register, you will be using USDT in all your actions. This includes staking at the casino games and withdrawing your Tethers at the cashier.

Is it legal to play Casino with Tether?

Playing casino games with crypto money is choice you can do freely without thinking about any local restrictions. Using crypto money means that you are out of the financial regulations and you will be able to play casino with USDT as long as you are over 18 and choose a licensed Tether Casino Site.

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